Allcare Tree Services And Stump Grinding
Allcare Tree Services And Stump Grinding
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Ken-Tenn Tree Service and Stump Grinding Specialists FAQ

This section of our web site will answer questions that we commonly hear from our clients. We welcome any and all inquiries by email from our visitors but you might find an instant answer to your question listed here.

I am aware that a landscape is the overall appearance of a lawn or garden. However, what services are considered to be in the realm of Tree Service?

In general, any additions or improvements made to a home's exterior trees and bushes are considered to be tree maintenance.

Why should I consider tree removal?

Even if you are not currently selling your home, it is a well known fact that any large tree too close to your structure has the potential to grow to the point that it becomes very time consuming and costly to remove. Maintenance of trees in addition to providing a safe area around your home also enhances the overall value of your property. When you do choose to sell your home, a beautiful landscape can add thousands of dollars to the price. Think of your yard as your home. Would you avoid cleaning the kitchen until you were ready to sell your home? A beautiful landscape around can make living there more enjoyable and promote a positive image to your friends and neighbors.

I've decided that I would like tree maintenance services but my property needs a lot of work. Where should I begin?

One of the first things that knowledgeable tree service providers can do when observing your trees is to determine the tree that are under stress or dying. Dead or dying trees can be a hazard to adults, children, pets and property. Trees in poor health close to people and property should be addressed first. A common problem for most home owners is a large amount of branches threatening to fall and damage their house. After clearing all of the large, dead branches from over the yard, you might find that the additional sunlight immediately adds a new appearance to your yard, as well as protecting what is likely the largest investment that many people make.

Do I really need a professional to handle my tree maintenance?

While we would certainly love for you to try our services, some projects can be completed at home in only a few short hours. Deciding whether or not to hire a professional generally comes down to personal taste and the size of the project. You can save a great deal of money on very small projects, however, by consulting with a professional for 30 minutes or an hour. If you feel like you do not have enough time, patience or creativity to handle your landscaping, a professional might be the right choice. However, if you look forward to starting a new lawn project, you might decide to handle many of the tasks yourself.

I want to do my own tree maintenance removal. Where should I begin?

For those on a budget a tremendous improvement can be made simply by having unsightly stumps ground. Removing stumps can save the blades and deck on your mower as well as cutting your mowing time. Start by measuring all the stumps at the widest point on the ground around the stump. Then Allcare can price grinding service. If you opt to rent a grinder beware all grinders are not created equal. Often the person that saves the most in the long run hires a pro. If you are intent on doing it yourself insure you fully understand all aspects and forces in play in the location of your cutting and grinding. Keep a watchful eye on your yard to insure nothing is capable creating a situation that you can not manage. Read and fully understand all operatorsí manuals. Do not try if you do not know what you are doing. Do not use poorly maintained equipment or anything too small for the job. Whoever is cutting is responsible for every cut they make and where each object they cut lands but the property owner is responsible if the person cutting is uninsured. This is not an item to put on a honey-do list. Someone may have cut several times not understanding all the forces in play and then be harmed by trees or limbs as small as 2 inches in diameter. Do not work off of the ground unless you are fully trained on how to do it safely with the equipment you intend to use.